Our Activity/Interest Groups and when they occur are listed below.

Most Charnwood U3A activities take place in activity or interest groups of which there are almost 100 at present.

Each group has one or more group leader(s)/facilitator(s) who are responsible for arranging the venue,

maintaining contact with members, doing the necessary minimal secretarial work and keeping any necessary accounts.

Some Groups may levy a group subscription or attendance fee to cover administrative expenses and may meet regularly or occasionally.

Some groups meet in members homes whilst others, depending on their size and particular needs, meet on other premises.

To join a group please contact the group leader. Contact details are given in the Members area of this website. 

A few groups may have a waiting list, but most do not.

If you have difficulty joining a group or have a suggestion for a new group, provided someone is willing to act as Group Leader/Facilitator,

please contact the Groups Coordinator, Marilyn Mather (groupscoordinator@charnwoodu3a.org.uk)

You may use the letters below to quickly access a group if you know its name.
Click here if you'd like to see the groups listed by the day and time that they take place.
When new groups are added these lists will be updated.

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Support Groups | Walking Groups

Weekly every Wednesday - 8:50am

2nd Monday - 2pm

4th Thursday - 2pm

Art Appreciation
3rd Friday - 2pm

Weekly every Friday - 10am

Books 1
1st Wednesday - 2pm

Books 2
1st Friday - 2pm

Books 3
3rd Tuesday 2:30pm

Bowls Indoor
Weekly every Thursday - 2pm

Bowls Outdoor
Weekly every Thursday - 2pm

Weekly every Thursday - 2pm

2nd Tuesday 2pm

Canasta 1
Weekly every Tuesday - 2pm

Canasta 2
1st, 3rd + 5th Tuesday - 3pm

Fortnightly, Monday 2pm

Classical Civilisation
2nd Friday - 10am

Classical Greek
2nd Wednesday - 10am

Classical Music Enjo
4th Wednesday - 2pm

1st + 3rd Mondays - 10am

Creative Writing
4th Wednesday - 2pm

Cribbage 1
2nd + 4th Wednesday - 2pm

Cribbage 2
1st + 3rd Wednesday - 2pm

Dance - Social
2nd + 4th Tuesday - 2pm

Dance - Line/Tap/Ballroom
Weekly every Friday - 9am

Days of Interest
3rd Saturday - by arrangement

Digital Imaging
2nd + 4th Wednesday - 2pm

English Parish Churches 1
2nd Tuesday - 10am

English Parish Churches 2
2nd Tuesday - 2pm

Family History Discussion
3rd Wednesday - 2pm

French Conversation
1st + 3rd Thursday - 2pm

French - Conversation Francaise
2nd Monday - 2:15pm

3rd Monday - 2pm

1st + 3rd Wednesday

German Advanced
1st + 3rd Friday

Weekly every Wednesday - 10am

Gym Fitness
Weekly every Tuesday - 10:45

History 1
3rd Wednesday - 9:30am

History 3
3rd Wednesday - 10am

Italian Conversation
3rd Wednesday - 2pm

1st Monday - 10am

Life Story Writing
4th Friday - 11am

Local History
4th Monday - 2pm

Lunch Club 1
1st Friday - 12 noon

Lunch Club 2
2nd Wednesday 12-12:30pm

Lunch Club 3
3rd Wednesday - 12:30- 1pm

Mac Users Forum
Last Friday - 2pm

Mah Jong 1
Weekly every Thursday - 2pm

Mah Jong 2
Weekly every Wednesday - 9:30am

Making Music
2nd + 4th Thursday - 2pm

1st + 3rd Wednesday - 2:30pm

Mini Tennis
Weekly every Wednesday - 10am

Needlecraft 1
2nd + last Friday 10am

Needlecraft 2
4th Tuesday - 10am

2nd Monday - 2pm

4th Tuesday - 2pm

1st + 3rd Friday - 10:30am

Pilates 1
Weekly every Monday - 12:15pm

Pilates 2
Weekly every Tuesday - 09:30am

Play Reading + Drama
3rd Wednesday - 9:45am

Poetry 1
2nd Monday - 10am

Poetry 2
3rd Wednesday - 10am

2nd Monday - 2pm

Science + Technology 1
1st Thursday - 10am

Science + Technology 2
1st Thursday - 10am

Scrabble 1
2nd+4th Tuesday - 10am

Scrabble 2
1st + 3rd Wednesday - 2pm

Scrabble 3
2nd+4th Tuesday - 10am

Scrabble 4
3rd Thursday - 2:15pm

Singing for Pleasure
1st + 3rd Tuesday - 2pm

1st + 3rd Tuesday - 10am

Spanish Conversation
1st Thursday - 10am

Sunday Lunch Club 1
2nd Sunday - 12:30pm

Sunday Lunch Club 2
4th Sunday - 12:30pm

Supper Club 1
4th Wednesday - 6:30pm

Supper Club 2
3rd Thursday - 6:30pm

Table Tennis 1
Weekly every Monday 11am

Table Tennis 2
Weekly every Tuesday - 11am

Table Tennis 3
Weekly every Wednesday - 11am

Table Tennis 4
Weekly every Thursday - 11am

Table Tennis 5
Weekly every Friday - 11am

Table Tennis 6
Weekly every
Friday - 12noon

Table Tennis 7
Weekly every Friday - 10am

Table Tennis 8
Weekly every Monday - 12noon

Tai Chi
Weekly every Friday - 10am

Tai Chi Mon
Weekly every Monday - 3:45pm

Textile Art

2nd Wednesday - 10am

Theatre Group
By arrangement

Travel Group
every 2 months

Walking - Moat Road Strollers
1st Tuesday

Walking - 6+ Miles
3rd Tuesday

Walking - 10+ Miles
1st Tuesday

Walking - Little Extras 6+
2nd + 4th Thursday

Walking - Les Sportives 5 Miles
2nd + 4th Thursdays

Walking - Strollers
1st, 2nd + 4th Thursdays

Walking - Amble
3rd Thursday

Parish Walking Group
3rd Thursday

Wine Appreciation
Friday - 7:30pm

Weekly every Monday - 8:45pm


Support Group  - Welcomers

Support Group  - New Member Liaison

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