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Chess                                                                               to share. We enjoy some  me for discussion and refreshments. In

         A small group meets fortnightly to play chess together in members’                  the summer months, instead of mee ng at the Library, we organise
         homes in rota on. We enjoy games of chess in a very relaxed atmos‐                  trips to various places of local history.
         phere. Most members of the group have played previously, but not                    Luncheon Clubs 1 , 2 & 3
         necessarily in recent years.
                                                                                             Luncheon Clubs meet once a month at a local restaurant chosen by
         Classical Civilisa on                                                               the members. Lunches may be preceded by drinks at a member’s

         This group meets monthly and takes a thema c approach, using talks                  home. Venues include Carveries, Clubs, Restaurants and Hotels.
         and discussions, looking at issues in Greek and Roman  mes and                      Sea ng is random to encourage conversa on with different people
         then rela ng their relevance to the modern world. In addi on to                     each month. The 3 groups operate quite independently of each
         ‘home’ mee ngs, visits are planned to enhance the theore cal per‐                   other.
         spec ves.                                                                           Mac Users Forum

         Classical Greek                                                                     The Mac Group is for users of Apple devices: iMac, MacBook and
         This is small group meets once a month led by an experienced Clas‐                  iPad.  With simple ideas to make your use more efficient, more
         sics tutor. The group is primarily for those with no previous                       effec ve and more fun.  We are privileged that one or our mem‐
         knowledge who wish to learn Classical Greek. The aim is to progress                 bers has a great wealth of knowledge.  We meet one a month in
         through the structures of the language to aid comprehension by                      one of two members' homes.
         reading (including aloud).                                                          Mah Jong 1
         Word deriva ons will be no ced, and in due  me the aim is to start                  We meet weekly at members’ houses. At its simplest, like rummy,
         reading simpler passages of Classical (and Biblical) Greek. A li le Civi‐           players combine sets of  les from a wall composed of four of each
         liza on material to provide a cultural context will also be shared.                 of three suits, four winds and three dragons onto racks. Mah Jong
         Classical Music Enjoyment                                                           literally means “sparrows”, which is perhaps an allusion evoked by
                                                                                             the cha ering sound of the  les during play. It is great fun, and can
         This group meets monthly with an excellent HiFi System. Members
                                                                                             become addic ve
         are enthusiasts whose interest is in listening to a range of classical
         music from Baroque to Roman c, with occasional forays into other                    Mah Jong 2
         fields.  The presenter adds informa on about the music, the compos‐                  We meet weekly at members’ houses. We are non‐compe  ve and
         er and the history of the  mes. A small annual subscrip on is levied                welcome beginners and offer tui on in this fascina ng Chinese
         to cover the hire of the room.                                                      game.

         Conversa on Francaise                                                               Making Music
         This is a group for those who already speak French but wish to ex‐                  We get together twice a month to make music. If you played an
         tend the range of their conversa ons. We normally split into small
                                                                                             instrument in the past and would like to take it up again, or have
         informal groups so that members can contribute as much as
                                                                                             kept up with your playing, come and join us. Our aim is to recreate
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