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Introduc on                                                                                                      Commi ee

        A University of the Third Age is a learning co‐opera ve of older peo‐
        ple, which enables members to share many educa onal, crea ve and                      Chairman:    
        leisure ac vi es.                                                                     Secretary:   

        The Charnwood U3A is a charity (registered number 1076107).  It is                    Treasurer:   
        affiliated to the Third Age Trust, the governing and administra ve
        body of all the U3A Associa ons in the UK.  Charnwood U3A, as a
        member, is bound by its agreement to abide by the rules of the Third
        Age Trust.                                                                            Membership   

        The Charnwood U3A has its own cons tu on and is managed by an                         Secretary:
        elected Commi ee.                                                                     Date Protec on/

        Ac vi es                                                                              Compliance:

        The Ac vi es of Charnwood U3A are organised mainly in small                           Webmaster:   
        groups that meet regularly, o en in each other’s homes. Members,                      Commi ee Member
        through sharing their knowledge, skills and experience, learn from                    Commi ee Member
        each other.
                                                                                              Commi ee Member
        Each group needs a facilitator/leader, who need not be an expert in
        the subject, to act as contact and to arrange when and where
        mee ngs are held. It is o en helpful if two or three members get to‐                  Non‐Trustees:
        gether to arrange the programme and mee ngs in consulta on with
        the members of the group.                                                             Programme    
        As a member of a group you will be expected to let the leader know
        if, for any reason (e.g. holidays, illness), you cannot a end a par cu‐               New Member   
        lar group mee ng.  Missing three consecu ve mee ngs without no‐                       Liaison:
         ce may result in the loss of your place in the group.
                                                                                              Newsle er:             newsle
        In  me, with increasing membership and development of interests,
        groups may become larger, necessita ng finding alterna ve accom‐                       Mailmaster:  
        moda on and/or the se ng up of a parallel group.

        Our Groups Co‐ordinator will offer advice and guidance to Group
        Leaders and to those wishing to start a new group.

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