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Support Groups   Organisa on and Financial Management of
 Welcomers                    The Charnwood U3A

 At the monthly mee ng three members work on a Rota basis to
        All U3As are governed by their Cons tu on. The Cons tu on of The
 welcome everyone and to look out for new members and visitors.   Charnwood U3A may be found in the members’ area of The  Charn‐
 When new members a end on their own, one of the team takes
        wood U3A website (  A paper copy is
 them to the sign‐in desk and offers to sit with them during the
        available from the Secretary on request.
 mee ng. We answer ques ons about groups and where possible
 introduce them to relevant group leaders during the tea break.   Membership is open to all those in the 'third age', generally taken
 New volunteers for the Rota are always welcome.   to mean that they have finished full  me employment and are re‐
         red or semi‐re red.

 Equipment for loan   Membership subscrip ons, due on October 1st each year, are  cur‐
        rently (2018‐19 ) £14.
 Projectors and Laptops
        Further expenses are some mes incurred by reason of the group's
 Sets are available for group leaders to borrow when required for
        ac vi es, e.g. the Luncheon Clubs pay for their choice of meal, the
 mee ngs. See the Group Leaders’ Area on the website for details.
        Theatre Group for theatre  ckets. Some groups use a hired venue for
 All equipment will be called for PAT tes ng on an annual basis.   their mee ngs. The cost of this is par ally subsidised from general
        funds with the remainder of the cost being met by the members of
        that group.  Costs are kept as low as possible.

        The Third Age Trust ( levies a capita on fee of £3.50
        for each member  which is included in the annual subscrip on. This
        includes Third Party Insurance, various licenses, Advisors for various
        subjects and the Resource Centre.

        As The Charnwood U3A enjoys charitable status no tax arises. If
        members are willing to sign a declara on that they have paid
        sufficient  income tax or capital gains tax in a par cular tax year, The
        Charnwood  U3A may claim Gi  Aid from HMRC on their subscrip on.
        The finances of The  Charnwood U3A are controlled by the Trustees
        (Commi ee) who are responsible for all money spent or received by
        The Charnwood U3A. This includes all subscrip ons and costs of run‐
        ning the U3A.  Commi ee Members are elected at the AGM in March
        each year.

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