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The Commi ee                                               Walking Groups
         The Commi ee comprises at least seven and not more than twelve                      All the walking groups welcome new members. Contact the Walk‐
         members elected by the membership at an AGM held in March each                      ing Groups Co‐ordinator who will discuss with you the most suita‐
         year. Two addi onal members may be co‐opted by the Commi ee.                        ble group for you to join.

         The Commi ee comprises three officers, Chairman, Secretary and                        Members joining walking groups are responsible for their own
         Treasurer who, together with ordinary commi ee members are the                      safety. They should make sure that they are suitably equipped for
         Trustees of The Charnwood U3A.                                                      the walk as regards clothing and fitness.
         Other members of The Charnwood U3A who have some special ex‐                        Tuesdays:
         per se may be invited to a end mee ngs in a non‐ vo ng capacity.
                                                                                             Moat Road Strollers (3‐4) miles   first Tues
                                                                                             Walking 6+ miles                  third Tues
                              Non‐Commi ee Roles                                             Walking 10+ miles                 first Tues

         Our Programme Secretary finds and books speakers for our Monthly                     (The 10+ group meet at 10.00am and finish at approximately
         (except June) General Mee ngs.                                                      3.30pm with  a  pub  stop  around  1.00pm.  Most  walks  start
                                                                                             within  a  20‐mile radius of Loughborough, but occasionally we go
         We have a New Member Liaison member who is responsible for con‐
                                                                                             to the Peak district.)
         tac ng new members to ensure that they have found groups to join
         and to welcome them to our twice‐yearly members’/new members'                       Thursdays:
         Coffee Morning.
                                                                                             Li le Xtras 6+ miles              second & fourth Thurs
         Our Update Editor: Publishes the newsle er 'Update' (monthly) and                   Spor ves ‐ 5 miles                second & fourth Thurs
         'Update Extra' (quarterly). Update is not published in June.
                                                                                             Happy Wanderers                   third Thurs
                                                                                             Parish Walks                      third Thurs
                           Monthly General Mee ngs                                           Saturday:
         The Charnwood U3A holds a General Mee ng for all members on the                     Walking 5+ miles                  second Sat
         second Wednesday of each month (excep ng June). These are occa‐
         sions to meet other members and to hear a talk/presenta on from an
         invited speaker or a member of U3A. The dates and topics of these
         mee ngs are printed in the membership/programme card sent to all

         A Members’ Coffee morning is held twice per year when new mem‐
         bers are especially welcome. Representa ves of our Groups are avail‐
         able to give members the opportunity to speak to them  about

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