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fabric paints, crayons or oil s cks, using stencils or prin ng blocks   any groups they might be interested in joining.  A Group Leaders’
 or any ideas suggested by the members. We have some  me learn‐  Mee ng follows, when group leaders are able to raise ma ers that
 ing new skills and some  me on our own projects.    affect the running of groups and hear new informa on.

 Theatre Group   Details are given in Update and new members will also be invited by
        the New Member Liaison Officer.
 Theatre visits are organised at approximately monthly intervals,
 mostly to theatres in Derby, Leicester and No ngham. We also
 visit Stra ord, London, Birmingham and Kilworth House Theatre.   Local Policy Decisions
 Members may bring one guest, who must be a U3A member, to a
 performance and subject to a small supplement. We a end a vari‐  Within the framework of the governing commi ee, decisions are
 ety of shows including comedy, drama, musicals and light opera.   taken from  me to  me which affect some aspect of members’
 Members must register with the group and pay a small fee to cov‐  rights, usually to do with finance or legality. Current (2018) Policies
 er administra on and postage etc.   are:

 A newsle er is published at 2‐monthly intervals, a er which  ckets   Dona ons to drivers
 can be reserved provisionally. They are available on a first‐come   Where an event takes place away from Charnwood College, it is cus‐
 first‐served basis.
        tomary for anyone offered a li  to donate a small amount to the
 Travel Group   driver of the car (or other vehicle). It is stressed that this is not a
        charge on the individual member (which would be contrary to insur‐
 The Travel Group is run by a Working Party, whose purpose is to   ance regula ons) but a gi  which is deemed to be fair, having re‐
 organise, or facilitate others within the membership to organise,
        gard to petrol prices and general opera ng costs. It is suggested
 two or three holidays a year in the UK and abroad and based on
        that a dona on of up to 30p per mile, divided by the number of
 ideas from the members. Mee ngs are held in alternate months   people (including the driver) in the car, is appropriate.
 and include updates on planned or proposed holidays and usually
 a presenta on of past or future holidays. The group is especially   Visitors to group mee ngs
 beneficial to single members, offering the safety and enjoyment of   Visitors may a end one group mee ng. Before a ending further
 being within a group of like‐minded travellers. All holidays are ar‐
        mee ngs they must join The Charnwood U3A. However, members
 ranged in compliance with UK law and Package Tour Regula ons.   of another U3A may join one of The Charnwood U3A interest

 Wine Apprecia on   groups, providing there is space, without joining The Charnwood
        U3A, and must pay any group fees.  Non‐members of U3A may not
 Can you tell the difference between a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon   a end any group mee ng on more than one occasion per member‐
 Blanc, a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, a wine from old World or
        ship year.
 a wine from the new World? It doesn’t ma er if you can or can’t
 but it’s fun finding out, so do join us on our path to learning about   Data Protec on
 wines, beers, spirits etc.   The Charnwood U3A has a Data Protec on Policy which is available
        in the Members' Area of the website:

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