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Members & Companions/Carers                                                        Supper Group 1 & 2

          U3A members must join independently and no agency may join on                      Members meet once a month for an evening meal at a local restau‐
          their behalf. New members should be capable of caring for them‐                    rant, chosen and organised in turn by members who circulate the
          selves and taking responsibility for all aspects of their membership.
                                                                                             menu and order the meals in advance. The maximum cost is agreed
          Where exis ng members are no longer able to take full responsi‐                    by the group.
          bility for themselves, they may a end mee ngs accompanied by a
          carer or family member who can accept that responsibility for
          them and at the discre on of the Group Leader.                                     The group meets at Charnwood College swimming pool. There is a
                                                                                             short session of exercises in the water and it is op onal whether

                                                                                             you join in or not. A lane is available for swimming lengths. Life
                          Safety, Security and Insurance                                     guards are always present. The cost of the pool is shared among the
          The Third Age Trust holds third party liability cover for its members              members.
          par cipa ng in any of the various ac vi es or pas mes.
                                                                                             Table Tennis 1‐7
          The Charnwood U3A as a corporate body has public liability cover
                                                                                             We have 7 x 1‐hour sessions each week, mee ng at the Loughbor‐
          but this does not extend to individual members.
                                                                                             ough Leisure Centre. We are very friendly and the main aim is for
          As far as is prac cal, all public venues used by The Charnwood U3A                 laughter and friendship, although there is a strong element of com‐
          comply with Fire Safety Regula ons.                                                pe  on between us! Anyone interested in joining please contact, in
                                                                                             the first instance, the Table Tennis co‐ordinator (see Group Ac vi‐
          When mee ng at Charnwood College it is a requirement of the
                                                                                              es list).
          College that individuals wear their Membership badge for recogni‐
           on within the College grounds and buildings.                                      Tai Chi

          Accidents                                                                          This group meets for one hour each week throughout the year un‐
                                                                                             der the supervision of a qualified instructor.  The movements and
          Group Leaders hold copies of Accident Report Forms. In the event
          of any accident during any U3A ac vity, the Group Leader will                      postures prac ced are not too strenuous, but aim for greater flexi‐
                                                                                             bility, improvement in balance and a state of relaxa on. A small fee
          complete the form and return it to the Secretary as soon as possi‐
                                                                                             is payable to cover the cost of tui on and room hire.
                                                                                             Tex le Art
          Members are encouraged to carry an 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency)
          card at all  mes.  These cards are available on request from Group                 The focus of this group is to make fabric pictures or quilts for walls
          Leaders and at General Mee ngs and include emergency contact                       or beds using quil ng or other forms of tex le art which involves
          informa on.                                                                        the use of sewing machines. We learn or prac se how to do free
                                                                                             machine work to add interest to the final piece; we add colour using

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