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Science and Technology 2   Periodicals and Publica ons

         A monthly news sheet “Update” is emailed to all members shortly
 The Group meets monthly in a church hall in Loughborough. Most
         before the monthly mee ng and sent by post to those members
 mee ngs take the form of general interest talks covering all as‐
         without email. Quarterly, in January, April, July and October, a longer
 pects of science and technology. Some of the members are re red
 scien sts of various sorts, we take special care to recognise the   newsle er (Update Extra) is issued, with members encouraged to
         submit ar cles for publica on.
 non‐specialist members so that everybody gets something out of
 the talks. The programme for the year is available and prospec ve   The Third Age Trust, the Na onal organisa on for Universi es of the
 members can make one visit as a “taster” but please make your‐  Third Age in the UK, issues a magazine “Third Age Ma ers”, in Janu‐
 self known to the leader.   ary, April, June, September and November. This is sent by post to all
         members of The Charnwood U3A.
 Scrabble 1 ‐ 4
         The website of Charnwood U3A is:
 Scrabble groups meet once or twice a month in members’ homes
 to play Scrabble and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together.   To log in to the Members' Area, enter the Name and Password
         which is printed on your membership card.
 Singing for Pleasure
         The website for the Third Age Trust is:
 The group meets monthly when members prac ce a variety of mu‐
 sic such as songs from shows, part songs, rounds and carols. The   Charnwood U3A is a member of the Leicestershire & Rutland Net‐
 ability to read music is not necessary to join. We have occasional   work of U3As: h ps://
 small concerts but in the main it is simply Singing for Pleasure.
                               Our Interest Groups
 This group meets at a snooker club where there is easy parking.
 Membership of the club is free to those over 65. There is an hourly   The group meets weekly under the supervision of a qualified instruc‐
 charge for the table, which is shared between the players.   tor.
 Spanish   Archaeology

 All members of the group have studied Spanish before, albeit at   This group meets monthly to learn more about sites one might visit
 varying levels. What unites us is the desire to make progress and   while on holiday, like Petra, Hadrian’s Wall, Macchu Picchu or Pom‐
 gain confidence by speaking, reading and wri ng the language. We   peii, in order to plan visits or enjoy again ones already made.
 use a text book, a variety of materials and we converse a lot. The   Mee ngs include illustrated talks by the group leader, outside
 classes are lively, highly interac ve and enjoyable.   speakers and members of the group. Visits to English sites and spe‐
         cial exhibi ons are arranged. The group has also had talks on Leices‐
 Sunday Lunch 1 & 2
         tershire archaeology and studied wider themes such as prehistory,
 These groups meet once a month for Sunday lunch at a local   the beginnings of metal‐working, industrial archaeology and so on.
 restaurant or golf club. Contact Group Leader for details.

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