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Architecture                                                                       Pilates 1 & 2

         This group meets monthly. We are interested in all aspects of Bri sh               This weekly group is supervised by a professional instructor. Pilates
         architecture/architects ‐ old and new. We aim to further these inter‐              was developed in the early 20thcentury as a physical fitness sys‐
         ests by invi ng speakers to some mee ngs, watching and discussing                  tem, and is an exercise method that uses core muscles to develop
         DVDs/videos and by arranging visits to associated places of interest.              strength, flexibility and balance. It combines mind and body aware‐
                                                                                            ness, and is good for mental and physical well‐being.
         Art Apprecia on
                                                                                            Play Reading & Drama
         This group aims to discover more about Art in a relaxed, enjoyable
         fashion. We follow our members’ interests through talks by mem‐                    The group meets in members' homes to read plays. Members read
         bers, discussions and visits to art galleries. You don’t need to be an             consecu vely or in character as decided at each mee ng. Input
         expert to join us. We meet once a month.                                           from members of the group on choice of plays is welcomed. Occa‐
                                                                                            sionally the group performs a sketch or short play.
                                                                                            Poetry Reading and Discussion
         A lively, friendly and well‐a ended group meets weekly at Loughbor‐
         ough Leisure Centre. Tui on is available.                                          The members of this group each take an ac ve part in presen ng
                                                                                            poetry of their choice on any topic or poet. The monthly mee ngs
                                                                                            generally have two presenters/readers, with opportunity for dis‐
         All are welcome from beginners to experts to join in for beading, fun              cussion of the poems by all the members of the group.
         and a chat.
         Books 1
                                                                                            A friendly group, mee ng once a month, we usually have an en‐
         Meets monthly at the home of a member. One member chooses a book which all         lightening a ernoon. Members who wish take turns to host the
         the group read, and leads a discussion on the book at the next
                                                                                            group and prepare ques ons.
         mee ng. Books are supplied by the library services. Videos and
                                                                                            Science and Technology 1
         ou ngs relevant to the books may also be included.
         Books 2                                                                            Mee ngs vary from half to full day, depending upon the nature of
                                                                                            the mee ng. The programmes are discussed with members and
         We read a wide variety of books, including non‐fic on and poetry,
                                                                                            contain a balance of interest and ac vity. As well as in‐house
         from Leicestershire Library Service. Members take turns to host the
                                                                                            speakers, the group also visits places of industrial, scien fic and
         mee ngs and discussions on our reading are usually lively with strong              environmental interest and museums. Members pay a small mem‐
         views being expressed on occasions. Opinions differ widely but it all
                                                                                            bership fee to cover administra ve costs.
         adds up to some interes ng and enjoyable mee ngs.

         Books 3

         Why a Book Club? To read a good yarn? ... To expand our horizons?
         (exploring Turkey, the life of a Geisha, leprosy, lighthouses) are a few
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