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the pleasure and sa sfac on of making music together. Our mo o   examples),  to socialise over a cuppa? All these apply and, although
 is any instrument, any ability, from beginner to experienced. Mak‐  not all books suit everyone, most people persevere and find some‐
 ing music is fun and making music together is much more fun! We   thing to discuss. We meet in each other’s homes and choose the
 are friendly, welcoming and have a very enjoyable  me producing   books jointly ‐ from a Library Services Catalogue or from our local
 some beau ful sounds   library.
 Mini Tennis   Bowls ‐ Indoor

 Mini Tennis is a truly easy game to learn, played on a badminton   The Group meets weekly all year round at Charnwood Indoor Bowls
 sized court with light short strung racquets and foam balls. Rules   Centre. Tui on is available.
 and scoring are simple and it is fun as well as being compe  ve and
         Bowls ‐ Outdoor
 good exercise. Tui on is available.
         The Group meets weekly throughout the summer at the Brush Bowls
 Needlecra  1 & 2
         Club for a fun a ernoon of gentle exercise with tui on and guidance
 If you would like to enjoy needlecra  in a relaxed atmosphere we   provided. No previous experience is necessary and all equipment can
 meet at members’ houses where we share our enthusiasm for   be provided.
 kni  ng, crochet, embroidery and tapestry etc. A small dona on
 per person paid on the day for tea/coffee, biscuits.
         We meet weekly and new members of any standard are welcome.
 Pain ng   Beginners will be given extra help and will gradually integrate with
 The Pain ng Group meets monthly, working mainly in watercolor   the exis ng group. It is a very informal social group.
 but occasionally in other media. The year’s programme is chosen by
 the members who are encouraged to lead the group in a topic of
 their choice. We engage a professional tutor once or twice a year.   The group meets monthly at the leader’s home. The emphasis is on
         encouraging each other whether one is a beginner or an improver.
         The leader instructs and advises both beginners and more experi‐
 This group meets once a month in members’ homes for lively de‐  enced people in the art of calligraphy.
 bate. At some mee ngs we will discuss the works of one of the
         Canasta 1 & 2
 world’s great philosophers – from the ancient Greeks to the mod‐
 ern day. At others we will take a par cular philosophical ques on   If you don’t like Bridge, you will love Canasta! The game is played
 and consider what that means to each of us today.   with two packs of cards and can be played in pairs or singles any
         number of players from 2 to 4. Both groups cater for experienced
         players, novices and complete beginners who wish to learn from
 The group meets twice monthly, alterna ng between an indoor   scratch.  Group 1 meets weekly in a village hall and Group 2 meets
 presenta on/workshop and a trip out to take photographs. We wel‐  on alternate weeks in a central loca on.  Enjoy this easy‐to‐learn
 come anyone wishing to improve their photographic skills.   game in a relaxed and friendly environment and have a chat and a
         cup or tea or coffee whilst socialising with friends.

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