Monthly Meetings which are free for members

are held at 

Emmanuel Church, Forest Road


Charnwood U3A has a general meeting once a month, on the second Wednesday at 2:30pm, where a brief business meeting is followed by the main business of hearing an invited speaker.  Around a 100 members attend the meetings and after the talk you are welcome to stay and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.

Adventures in the Round the World Yacht Race

with Neville Maggs

at 2:30pm

on Wednesday 14th August


The BT Global Challenge was set up by Sir Chay Blythe to give adventurous types a chance to experience circumnavigation of the world the wrong way round - travelling around the world against the prevailing wings and currents. Each yacht would have a professional skipper but the rest of the crew would be amateurs with sailing experience who paid for the 'pleasure'.

Neville, with no sailing experience, applied and was not selected but, shortly before the race started, was given a day's sailing on a yacht in the Solent, two books to read on sailing and a piece of rope to learn how to tie knots. Then he got a phone message to be in Boston, USA in 5 days' time as someone had pulled out of the Aviva yacht and they needed a replacement. Two days out of Boston they sailed through a hurricane!

Please do not arrive before 2.00pm and make sure you bring your PURPLE membership card with you.


You will be aware that parking in front of the church is very limited but there are other church-owned parking opportunities nearby.

Please sign in at the U3A desk inside the church if you park in one of these church parking spaces.




Details of the new programme of meetings for the 2019/2020 U3A year are now available. A printable calendar of talks can be found by clicking here while an alternative version which gives more detail of each of the proposed talks can be found by clicking here.

On 11th September 2019 we welcome Charles Hanson, of TV fame and a member recommendation.He is well known from The Antiques Road Show, Flog it and Bargain Hunt but has a real job as the founder of Hanson Auctioneers in Derbyshire. He will talk on "My Life as an Auctioneer".