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  A List of Free On-Line Boredom Busting Resources

  Books, newspapers and more to read on-line for free

  Opera Lovers - see performances at the Metropolitan Opera House

  Wind in the Willows - on stage as a musical - London Palladium

  Join an on-line Tea Dance

  Visit Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery 


  A List of Free On-Line Boredom Busting Resources

A Website called ChatterPack has put together an amazingly detailed list of free on-line resources. The choice covers a really wide range of activities and should suit all interests. Fancy visiting a Roman Fort, listening to a concert (from classical to rock), visiting a zoo, learning a language and so much more. Someone has spent a lot of time putting this together and is something worth shouting about!

Click here for access to the list.

Some of the things listed below haven't made the list yet!

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  Books, journals and newspapers to read on-line for free

Leicestershire libraries is offers a services where you can download free books, journals, newspapers etc. for free. You will need a valid Leicestershire library card and PIN number. You can reset the Pin number if you've forgotten it.  Click here to find out more.

One book company has made its research topics available for free to read online, topics include early history.  Please click here to access the books. If you click on 'options' most are available to read online for free. 

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Opera Lovers - a great opportunity

For Opera lovers, the Metropolitan Opera house is streaming past broadcasts for free for 20 hours, a list is available here -

The daily performance will change. They are good quality and are the same as the performances broadcast in cinemas around the world.  They start each night at 11:30pm BST but are available to watch for 20 hours and, unlike the cinema, can be paused for a tea break.

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Willows - a musical version of the Wind in the Willows

London Palladium

The London Palladium is offering the chance to see a recorded version of its musical - Willows.  This is a musical adaptation of the Wind in the Willows. The film was recorded live at the London Palladium in 2017.

You can watch it for free but they are also inviting a small amount to help provide financial and emotional support to all theatre workers. All funds raised will be donated in full to the charity - Acting for Others. 

Please click here to watch the film.

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Join an on-line Tea Dance

on line from Sheffield City Hall

Aubrey Robinson, long-time organist for the City Hall Ballroom's legendary Tea Dances, will be live streaming at 11:00 am every Thursday to give dancers at home the chance to join in.

For more information, follow the link below to Harmony Music School's Facebook event. Live links will be posted in the facebook event.  We're not sure if you have to join facebook to join in.

The City Hall is also planning to live stream rock and classical music concerts.     

Please click here to find out more

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Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery

Would you like to visit an Art Gallery without leaving your home. Nottingham Contemporary has created a Virtual Reality (VR) visit to ALL of their galleries. If you've never used VR before it may seem a little strange when you first start.

There are circles on the floor of the galleries you can click on to take you to those spots.  By scrolling with the mouse you can move around the gallery - rather than me try and explain just have a go. The worst that can happen is you have to leave the page and re-enter!

You can choose which gallery to visit and by using your mouse you can walk around the gallery and look at the art works.  You can zoom in on the paintings and sculptures that you want to see more closely.

FINALLY - the gallery has a recording of a talk by Denzil Forrester, one of their exhibiting artists, things for children to do and much more. 

Visit their site to see the Galleries and the talk etc.

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