ETHEL - Next Zoom Meeting

Tuesday 23rd March, 10 am: ETHEL,
'More Gobbledegook'

Ethel’s erudite and effervescent coterie of linguistic cognoscenti foregathered on their virtual conferencing platform to cogitate conjointly on the convoluted circumlocutions of gibberish, hogwash, bunkum and baloney.

In other words: we discussed gobbledegook on Zoom. The term was coined by Texan lawyer Maury Maverick and was apparently inspired by the sight of a turkey ‘always gobbledy gobbling and strutting with ludicrous pomposity’.

I’m sure Ethel has not been the only one gobbledy gobbling during lockdown, but she can’t resist a bit more ludicrous pomposity, so next time the group will be sharing some more examples, before considering what constitutes ‘plain English’. Then Ethel can stop talking like Leonard Sachs of the Good Old Days – and put the Thesaurus back on the shelf!

Pam Upton

cartoon of a turkey

ETHEL - Next Zoom Meeting

Tues 23rd February, 10 am: ETHEL,


The group will be looking and laughing and probably groaning at examples of official gobbledygook, aka: gibberish, claptrap, bilge, bosh and baloney.

A cartoon with people speaking gibberish

Exploring the English Language


An opportunity to study some of the many varieties of English.

We use written texts, sound recordings and especially members’ own experience, to discuss how language changes over time and in different contexts.

Where and When

Venue: Tesco Community Room, Tesco Supermarket, Park Rd, Loughborough, LE11 2EX
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 4th Tuesday
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

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Group Charge: None: no charge, apart from possibly a small contribution towards refreshments.
Group Size: 18

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Group Leader: Pam Upton
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