Family History - Next Zoom Meeting

Wed 19th May, 2 pm: Family History Discussion,
Continuation of discussion on
‘Migration of our Ancestors Overseas’

which seems to have been quite a common occurrence if the number of DNA matches group members have with people across the Atlantic is anything to go by!

The Family History Discussion group continues to meet monthly on the
third Wednesday in the month at 2pm via Zoom.

If you would like to join in a meeting please contact Brian Waters on

Poster offering land for immigrants to USA
Family History - Jan to March Meetings

The January meeting shared stories of the “Migration of our ancestors in the UK”. Several members talked about people travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of work or for other reasons at times when they were individually in difficult circumstances and when travel was very difficult compared to now (lockdown excepted).

Our last meeting on February 17th was all about “How we document and present our family history to a wider audience.” Members presented examples of how they had successfully tackled this issue, using a variety of formats both printed and webbased providing
inspiration to be creative in presenting the results of our research.

March 17th our meeting was concerned with "Dating photographs of people". It was an enlightening meeting with some expert input.

Old Family Photo

Family History Discussion


A small group meets in members' homes. Some have been researching family history for many years, for others it's a new interest. We provide a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome to share and learn from each other about the different resources available. Individual stories are described, online websites discussed and brick walls tackled.

Where and When

Venue: A member's home
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 3rd Wednesday of the month
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Other Information

Group Charge: None: no charge, apart from possibly a small contribution towards refreshments and for occasional visits.
Group Size: 25

Contact Details

Group Leader: Brian Waters
Telephone: Visit Members Area

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