History 3 - Next Zoom Meeting

Wed 24th March, 10 am: History 3,
A History of Dartmoor Prison'
speaker Tony Westaway

Planned for closure in 2023, this 200+ year old prison is one of Devon's leading tourist attractions. It has proved the inspiration for film makers, TV shows and novelists. The story of how it came to be built in an almost inaccessible and competely desolate part of England is intriguing as is its links to the gambling debts of a member of the Royal family. The story is full of amazing characters, mutinies, riots, escapes and even opera!

It is impossible to cover all 200+ years in 45 minutes and so Tony's talk will concentrate on the early years.

Photo of Dartmoor Prison
Copyright: Lewis Clarke
Prisoners leaving for work duties. c 1900
History 3 - February Zoom Meeting

Wed 24th February, 10 am: History 3,

WG Hoskins and the Making of the English Landscape'

speaker Marilyn Palmer

w g hoskins photo

History 3


A group of enthusiastic members who meet on a monthly basis and who have an interest in all aspects of history. We aim to develop those varied interests through talks by our members, invitations to speakers and arranging visits to places of significant historical interest.

Where and When

Venue: Church Hall, Good Shepherd Church, Park Road, Loughborough, LE11 2HJ
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 4th Wednesday of the Month
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Other Information

Group Charge: £13.00 per annum
Group Size: 70

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Group Leader: Jim Miller
Telephone: Visit Members Area
Email: History3@charnwoodu3a.org.uk

History 3 - About Us

A committee of five work very closely to create a varied annual programme of activities and in addition an informative newsletter is sent out to all members on a monthly basis detailing group activities.

Members agree to pay a reasonable annual subscription fee to cover administrative costs.