Wildlife and Zoo Webcams

The 'Links' page is designed as a resource that will allow members to link to a range of webcams located at wildlife reserves and zoos.

There are a huge number and this is just a small sample but hopefully you will find something of interest.

Please let me know if there are other webcams that we should link to:

Photograph © Janina Holubecki, one of our members
common toad
Common Toad,
Bufo Bufo
UK Wildlife - Webcams
gives links to a large number of webcams
Wildlife Trusts
the wildlife trusts have webcams around the UK
Visit Scotland
this has links to sites across scotland
the webcams are currently being repaired.
Rutland Water
see the ospreys on nests
provides links to osprey sites across the UK

UK - Zoo Webcams
Worldwide Wildlife - Webcams
you will need to check the local time!
Wildlife cams from around the world
Wildlife cams that will allow you to choose your favourite animal
Cornell Lab - All About Birds
Links to 15 Bird Cams from around the world

Worldwide Zoos - Webcams
you will need to check the local time!
Animal Live Webcams
also has bird cams and much more
Secret London
despite its name this site gives links to 33 different cams across the world